12 Star Social Review – Social Media Management Tool

When most people jump into marketing, blogging or social media the first thought that comes to mind is “how do I get more readers, followers, fans…”  A few Google searches later you might find yourself tempted to buy some followers on Fiverr, but don’t, trust me there.

There are a wealth of Social Media Management tools out there, but few are available that allow you to “grow your Twitter followers” like 12 Star Social.  12 Star Social is a social media management tool focused on helping you grow your Twitter or Facebook following, “clean up” your followers and friends and potentially increase engagement.

In this 12 Star Social review, we’ll dive into some of the key features, pros and cons and ultimately decide if using 12 Star Social is worth your time or money for managing your social media accounts.

12 Star Social Review – Pros and Cons


  • Dozens of search options to find new followers
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Lowest prices vs. similar tools like JustUnfollow


  • Not a true social media management tool
  • Limited analytics capabilities
  • Free account is very limited

12 Star Social Dashboard

12 Star Social, unlike many follower growing tools I’ve worked with in the past actually has a very clean, straight forward interface.  It keeps with a flat design and might remind you of Sprout Social or other modern SMM tools.

From the dashboard, you’ll have access to your account options, connected accounts a wide list of features to help you grow and manage your following.


The follow feature is broken down into several options that are designed to help you grow your following by seeking out new people to follow, and if you’re lucky, they’ll follow you back.  The idea behind this is that if you follow a bunch of people, a good number of them might return the favor.  As we all know, you’re only as great as your following, so growing numbers can be important.

The follow tab contains the following features:

  • Follow Back:  Identifies people that are following you who you have not yet followed
  • Copy Followers:  This feature allows you to search for other people’s followers and follow them yourself.  This is a powerful option as the people who follow experts in your niche are likely to be interested in what you have to say too!
  • Copy Following:  Want to connect with everyone that your favorite blogger follows? That’s what this feature will do.  This can be great way to find new content and get info from top sources.
  • Specific Users:  Allows you to enter the handles of specific people, line by line, and follow them.
  • Manage Blocks:  Currently says “Coming soon.”


The unfollow feature pulls up a long list of everyone that you’re following and allows you to filter through them by the number of people following them, the number they’re following and various other filters.  The only real benefit of this feature that I’ve found is that you can quickly unfollow (manually of course) a large list of people faster than you could on Twitter itself.

This section seems like the place that you would be able to identify people who aren’t following you back, but that feature is surprisingly missing from this section completely.  This feature surprisingly is not listed in the follow/unfollow section, but is actually listed on the main page of the dashboard.  Unfortunately this is an extremely necessary feature for this type of tool, and 12 Star Social didn’t do a great job of making it apparent that it even exists.


The search feature allows you to find people to follow based on keywords in their tweets or by hashtags that they’ve used.  This is particularly useful if you’re trying to find users in your target market.  If you’re selling Nike products, search for people talking about Nike products and follow them.


The messaging tab allows you to automatically send out DMs or tweets to people who follow you or unfollow you.  If you’re looking to thank someone for a follow, you can use this feature to automatically do so, otherwise it’s a fairly useless feature.


The scheduler in 12 Star Social is fairly basic, but will allow you to schedule Tweets in advance to be sent immediately or at a later date.  It includes the basics as you would expect, but also allows you to include popular “follow back” hashtags with one click, and even shows you a list of trending topics to join in on.

As far as schedulers go, it’s pretty basic and limited.  If you have no other options available, it functions just fine but would not be a viable substitute for a true social media management platform, as 12 Star Social is truly about growing your following through means other than posting and content.

12 Star Social Minor Features

As with all social media management tools, 12 Star Social has some other features that either don’t stand out at all, or simply aren’t unique enough to mention.  These features are as follows:

  • List management
  • Notifications
  • Link tracking
  • Points System (not active as of this posting)
  • Profile summary:  (Visual of Klout changes, tweet numbers, follower/following count)

12 Star Social Pricing

12 Star Social, like many other tools, offers a tiered pricing system based on the amount it lets you do.  In this case, pricing varies by the number of accounts you want to manage.

Their pricing structure is currently limited, and lists only a free and premium option as available, with a professional version “coming soon.”

Free Account:

The free account contains just about all of the features that the premium account does, but of course it comes with some limitations.  First and foremost, if you don’t purchase an account beware that you will be limited to the number of people you can follow/unfollow per day. At the time of this posting, the limit was 25.

Premium Account:

The premium accounts are broken down by the number of accounts you wish to manage:

  • $5/mo – 1 account
  • $9/mo – 5 accounts
  • $14/mo – 10 accounts
  • $29/mo – 20 accounts
  • $45/mo – 50 accounts
  • $79/mo – 100 accounts

In addition to no follow/unfollow limits (other than those imposed by Twitter itself) you will get access to the following additional features that aren’t available to free members.

  • Block
  • Filter
  • Copy followers
  • Follow by follow-back rate
  • Account search
  • Tweet templates
  • Account summaries
  • Real time leads

In all honesty, if you looking to try out this method of manually growing you Twitter following, throwing out $5 to manage one account for a month is not a bad deal.  The free account is just a bit of bait to get you to pay $5, because it’s not really functional until you do.


While I don’t necessarily enjoy or agree with this method of growing a following, it does work.  Using a different tool, I was able to grow the following on one of my other accounts from a few hundred followers to well over 5,000 at one time simply by following people who were interested in the topics on that account.  The only downside these days it that this is all a manual process and due to limitations by Twitter cannot be automated.

If you’re looking for a feature rich social media management tool, I would recommend trying out Hootsuite over 12 Star Social any day.  If you’d like to try out a new way of seeking out followers on a detailed level, 12 Star Social is worth a shot.

Taylor Clark is a web designer, internet marketing expert and blogger from Gonzales, LA. Taylor has been working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their online marketing strategy through use of social media, website marketing, PPC advertising and much more.

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