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The Ultimate Face Palm Video

The art of trolling is truly that, an artform.  Unfortunately, often times we come across tweets, forum comments, videos and Facebook status updates that leave us at a loss for words.  We all know, especially with political banter, responding to the ignorant masses can often result in even more disappointment in the human race.  What

Small Details Mean Big Effects in Marketing

As a Marketing Director, part of my job entails purchasing marketing materials, preferably for the lowest price possible.  These days, finding a reputable company providing products online for a reasonable price can be difficult, especially if you’re about to work with a company you’ve never done business with before. Many times, small operations seem to

Robots on Facebook: Does Using Auto Posting Software on Facebook Hurt Feedback

Using Programs Like HootSuite and TweetDesk Harming Facebook Traffic Over the last several days, fans of the myRise Design Facebook & Twitter pages may have noticed a recent blasting of automated content.  This is the result of a trial run with the “ease of use” automation software from HootSuite.  After initially finding the software useful and