8 Reasons Your City is The Best City Ever

One of the best things about the city you live in is that, at this moment in time, it’s your favorite place in the world (or maybe you prefer your old city better, if so, that’s the one I’m talking about).  While there are many great cities across this great nation worth noting, your particular city is the best of the best, and here’s why:

Your City Makes The Best Food


A lot of cities take pride in their cooking skills, but your city has it down to a science.  Nothing comes close to that one restaurant around the corner from that place you loved as a kid.  In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that they do in fact have the best food in the world, period.  Of course, only people from your city would understand.

Your State Has an Awesome College Rivalry


In the history of rivalries, there has never been a more intense, alcohol fueled, frat boy rivalry than the one between the two state schools in your state.  The moment the weekend hits and it’s time to play that sport that both schools claim to be best at, it’s an all out war between people wearing different colored shirts.  It’s so bad, that if you’re the visiting team, you might end up being insulted for wearing the wrong colors, almost as if it was a gang war.

Your State Has The Best Tailgating

Tailgating Football Fans

It’s true, regardless of the hundreds of other colleges in surrounding states, the one you love most has the best tailgating.  No questions asked, and if you ask, you’ll be murdered.

Your Pro Sports Team Will Eventually Win a Championship


You don’t care what the rest of the country thinks, your states professional sports team is going to win a championship… someday.  No matter what anyone says, you stay true to the state you happen to live in at the moment and support its sports team as if it was your own flesh and blood.

There’s a Part of Town That Only Locals Know About


Let’s face it, tourist traps are all over the place in your city.  Fortunately you, being the hip local that you are, know where the best places to hang out are, away from all those “out of towners.”

Your State’s Downtown is The Only Downtown… Ever


You aren’t sure if it’s the centuries of historical debauchery or the ridiculous downtown renovation your state government has been working on for the past 2,800 years (they just can’t be quick about anything, can they?), but you do know this one thing.  Your state has the best downtown ever. You don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like it.  What’s not to love about trendy upscale lounges, overpriced parking, obnoxious drunk guys and of course, those awesome drink specials at the Irish Bar (the ONLY place to get the best in local beers, like that one Mike made in his basement).  Personally, we just can’t wait until they get that roof top pool at Wet, then it’ll be nearly like Las Vegas.

Your State Parties Harder Than Anyone. No Questions.


Forget that alcohol and partying have been around for thousands of years, because we all know real partying was invented in your city.  Whether it’s a tailgate party or a kegger at Chad’s parents house, your city knows how to do it better than anyone else.  I mean, just look at how many gorgeous people showed up for the “red carpet” event that was held at Generic Trendy Bar Name, nobody else does that kind of thing.  One thing’s for sure, if your buddy brings his cousin Derrick in town, he’s gonna learn a thing or two about drinking, because he clearly isn’t from your city.

Your City Has The Best Craft Beer


It’s true.  There are millions of options to choose from, and every single one of them is amazing.  What’s even more amazing is that instead of going national, the best beers in the city stay in the city, because you know, reasons.  No matter what though, you know in your heart that you probably know more about beer than anyone else, because you drink the best in local brews in the best city in the world.

 The Bottom Line, Your City or State Rules

Ignore the hundreds of other articles being thrown around social media like a naked selfie of Miley Cyrus, you know in your heart that no matter what they say, your city or state is the best.  Stop arguing.

Taylor Clark is a web designer, internet marketing expert and blogger from Gonzales, LA. Taylor has been working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their online marketing strategy through use of social media, website marketing, PPC advertising and much more.

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