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9 Ways to Promote Your Business Online

One of the first questions new business owners seem to always ask is “What are some easy ways you can promote your business online?”  Most business owners don’t start a business because they’re expects at advertising and marketing, they start a business because they’re experts in their particular field and want to make a living

New Facebook Post Algorithm

Earlier this week, Facebook released new information from their blog about user preferences in regards to reacting with text status updates – compared to video or image status updates. While sifting through their data, Facebook came to the conclusion that text status updates from friends were of more interest to users. Users interacting with Business

Best Sports Rebrands of 2013

Companies often use brand redesigns as a way to reestablish themselves in their respective fields, or even to break barriers to enter a new one. Rebranding can have other side effects, such as increased media exposure and in sales. This happens all the same in sports. As the cliche goes, sport is a business, and