Twitter Marketing & Why You Suck at it

One thing that annoys me the most, and causes me to immediately unfollow just about everyone on Twitter is narcissism.  You know the type, all they do is promote themselves and talk about themselves, and in the end they call it “twitter marketing.”

Twitter Marketing Isn’t All About You

selfish-twitterWe get it, you’re on Twitter because you want to generate followers that will see your posts, your brand, your name, your face, etc…  The point that many people, especially “internet marketers,” seem to be forgetting is that Twitter marketing, much like every other social media outlet, is about interaction and being social!  If all day and all night the only thing that can be seen on your Twitter stream is your own articles, invitations to like you on Facebook or any other type of self promotion, what reason do I have to follow you?  If I want to follow a self centered person on Twitter that provides nothing of value I’d go with someone like Justin Beiber.  At least following the Beibs gives me something to laugh at myself for.

Did you miss the point?  POST ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THAN YOURSELF!  Promote yourself and by all means share your articles, but for the love of god don’t let that be all I see everyday.

Your Followers Hate Robots

Truthfully, I don’t hate robots, I actually find them quite fascinating.  The difference there is that I love the type of robots that can move and blow things up in movies not the type who post a set rotation of pre-written social media posts all day everyday and never offer anything other than “check out this link” or “like my Facebook page.”  I truly don’t understand how people can run a Twitter or Facebook account in this manner without ever posting something manually and obtain thousands of followers.

Simply put, use your social media management software to preschedule your self-promotional posts, share your articles automatically, but don’t let those automated posts be the only thing that shows up on your stream or your newsfeed.  People on Twitter and Facebook crave social interaction, give it to them.  Remember, all I have to do if I want to talk to a robot is call my credit card company.

Twitter Followers Want to Hear from You

In most cases, the people that followed you did so for a reason.  Most of my followers have come to me via articles I’ve written that they found on Google (mostly my TweetDeck vs Hootsuite article) and they do so in order to get more interesting content and information from me.  One thing that I am guilty of is not posting enough.  I certainly do post, but it’s generally only when I have something interesting to say or when I’ve come across a news story related to the internet or to marketing.

If you don’t want your Twitter followers to be disappointed or even unfollow you, make sure you’re posting new Tweets regularly.  As I mentioned before, if the only thing that you’re profile posts is automated links to your blog articles, get on your Twitter mobile app and throw up a couple of Tweets per day that are personal and interesting, regardless of what it might be.  Just make sure that it’s interactive and unrelated to your automated postings.

You Call Yourself an Twitter Marketing Expert

Once again, something I’ve been guilty of in the past.  That being said, there’s nothing wrong with considering yourself an internet marketing expert and labeling yourself as such, but don’t ram it down our throats.

Anyone who refers to their self as an “expert marketer” or “social media ninja” and doesn’t post regularly or uses automatic posting exclusively is going to leave his/her followers ultimately unimpressed.  Then again, if you REALLY want to be considered an “internet marketing ninja,” I suppose the only way to go about that is to not be heard from or seen at all, ninjas are great at hiding.  If you absolutely must call yourself an expert, make sure you’re tweeting high quality information and articles and that you’re staying up with the current social media scene.  You don’t want to be considered the “expert in hind sight” do you.

You’re a Hindsight Expert

hindsight marketing

If I take a look at your Twitter profile and you’re still posting update after update about the first Google Penguin update, I’m probably going to start questioning how valuable the information you provide really is.  I call these people “hindsight experts” because all they seem to be good for is regurgitating information that I’ve seen everywhere else, or that I saw 6 months ago.  While I am all for evergreen content as a way to promote your blog and brand, some topics just need to be left alone.  If the topic your tweeting about is old, but currently relevant due to new updates or discoveries relating to the old information, then by all means let us know!  Just avoid constantly streaming posts that everyone’s already seen or is just plain tired of hearing about.

You’re Clearly Promoting Pyramid Schemes

Yes, I would love to work 3 days a week, and I would definitely like to make $2,000 a week doing it, but I don’t think I will learn it from your super “exclusive” blogging system.

I’m sure you’ve seen these people all over the place, and the problem is that a lot of them do offer a good bit of valuable information on their Twitter accounts and blogs.  The problem is that many of their articles lead you to a landing page where instead of reading the information you wanted, you’re asked to purchase a $99 exclusive membership to learn the “insider secrets of blogging.”  I’m always looking to learn more information about social media, blogging and internet marketing, but I’m not going to recruit new members to learn how to do it.

You’re a #Hashtag #Twitter #Whore

twitter-hashtag-whoreSeriously, lay off the hash tags.  Hash tags are a great way to get your tweets and content discovered, but when every word of your tweet is proceeded by a hash tag not only is it nearly unreadable but it’s just plain shameless self promotion, and nobody likes an ego freak.

The use of hash tags works great when you want to join in on a currently trending topic, when you’re trying to get your TV viewers engaged or when you want to start a new trend, but there is a point when you can go overboard.  If you’re tweeting about SEO, throw in #SEO at the end of your post, but don’t try to make every word of your tweet a “trending topic.”  The likelihood that every word of your tweet is going to take off is unlikely, so stick to what works.

If the hash tag you’re using isn’t relevant to what you’re Tweeting about or it’s just plain disrespectful to use it to promote yourself, don’t do it, you really don’t want the negative publicity storm that could follow.  Don’t get caught piggybacking a hash tag, you’ll cast a negative light on your brand and might get some bad press from it in the end.

Just Be Real on Twitter

I know this little list of Twitter marketing issues is probably coming off pretty angry, but frankly Twitter can be a pretty annoying place.  If you’ve found that you’re guilty of one of the items on this list, take a look at the plan you’ve developed for your brand and see if it can be modified.  The last thing you want to be seen as online is a self-centerred, internet marketing expert with ZERO ability to provide anything worth reading or anything that’s not automated.  All I ask is that you help break this trend of automated, egotistcal social media posting and be your beautiful, unique self online.

What drives you crazy on Twitter?  What other reasons do you think we suck at using Twitter?  Let me know by leaving a comment!

Taylor Clark is a web designer, internet marketing expert and blogger from Gonzales, LA. Taylor has been working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their online marketing strategy through use of social media, website marketing, PPC advertising and much more.

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